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Photo-Patterned Light Polarizing Films

A new technology is invented for the fabrication of thin photo-patterned (pixelated) polarizers with a desired local distribution of the polarization axis. This new technology allows thin photo-patterned (pixelated) neutral or color polarizers be fabricated for LCD application. The thickness of a pixelated polarizer is 0.3-1.5m for monochromatic LCD and increases in proportion for polychromatic LCD. Such polarizers can be placed on the interior substrate surface of the liquid crystal display (LCD) cell. Light-polarization films or polarizers are the main components of the LCDs and other liquid crystal (LC) devices. Common polarizers based on polyvinyl-alcohol-iodine (PVA) are rather complicated and expensive to fabricate. They are also thick and the external placement deteriorates the LCD contrast, optical performance and viewing angles. Thin polarizers proposed in the new invention are highly desirable.
Technology Benefits
1. No rubbing needed for liquid crystal alignment
2. Internal polarizers
3. Thin
Technology Application
- Liquid crystal display (LCD) and other liquid crystal (LC) devices
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US7381507B2
Application Number: US2003615954A
Inventor: Kwok, Hoi-Sing | Yip, Wing-Chiu | Chigrinov, Vladimir | Kozenkov, Vladimir
Priority Date: 22 Aug 2000
Priority Number: US7381507B2
Application Date: 10 Jul 2003
Publication Date: 3 Jun 2008
IPC Current: C09K001900 | G02B000530 | G02F00011335 | G03F000700 | G03F000720
US Class: 430020 | 25229901 | 430321 | 430322
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Photo-patterned light polarizing films
Usefulness: Photo-patterned light polarizing films
Summary: The invention is used in the formation of thin light polarization film on substrate used in liquid crystal cell (claimed). It can be used as internal polarizers, as well as dichroic polarizers.
Novelty: Formation of thin light polarization film on substrate used in liquid crystal cell, comprises depositing thin solid film polarizer onto flexible polymeric carrier sheet, and applying photo-curable glue onto substrate
Sub Category
Application Date
10 Jul 2003
Application No.
US 10/615954
Patent Information
US 7381507
ID No.
Hong Kong

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