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Photo-Induced Dichroic Polarizers and Fabrication Methods Thereof

The invention relates to field of devices and preparations of highly ordered organic molecular layers both on flexible and rigid substrates. In particular, the invention discloses the photo-chemically stable dichroic dye molecules and the device structures, which are suitable for the fabrication of superthin light polarizers for LCDs. Fabrication methods of multi-layers, -axes and -color polarizers, based on photo-aligning technology have also been disclosed.
Technology Benefits
The photo-aligned internal polarizers are cost-effective and enable new LCDs with excellent electro-optical response, including good viewing angles and high brightness. The internal polarizers, based on photo-chemically stable azodye films can be 2 to 3 times cheaper and possess very attractive optical characteristics in comparison with common polarizers, based on plastic PVA-iodine sheets.
Also, existing polarizers for LCDs suffer from expensive and complicated implementation. They are very thick (150-400µ) and possess disadvantages such as light losses at additional reflections and parallax effect, and poor brightness, contrast and viewing angles. The newly developed photo-alignment methods allow fabricating of thin internal polarizers based on photo-chemically stable azodye films and resolved these problems.
Technology Application
- Internal polarizers for liquid crystal displays (LCDs) with fine resolution and large information content, e.g. AM-LCDs and LCOS-LCDs
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US7070913B2
Application Number: US2001853648A
Inventor: Kozenkov, Vladimir Markovich | Yip, Wing Chiu | Chigrinov, Vladimir Grigorievich | Prudnikova, Elena Karlovna | Kwok, Hoi Sing
Priority Date: 14 May 2001
Priority Number: US7070913B2
Application Date: 14 May 2001
Publication Date: 4 Jul 2006
IPC Current: G02B000530
US Class: 430321 | 35948702 | 35948705 | 35948706 | 359491
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Photo-induced dichroic polarizers and fabrication methods thereof
Usefulness: Photo-induced dichroic polarizers and fabrication methods thereof
Summary: For thin light polarizers used in liquid crystal devices.
Novelty: Formation of polarizing material used for liquid crystal devices, comprises forming layer of dichroic material on substrate, and exposing layer to activating light illumination
Sub Category
Application Date
14 May 2001
Application No.
US 09/853648
Patent Information
US 7070913
ID No.
Hong Kong

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