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Method and System for Interpolation in Color Images

Classical linear signal processing techniques, when applied to color demosaic, tend to over smooth the color signal. This results in noticeable color artifacts along the edges and sharp features. Such techniques, like color filter array (CFA), which each light sensor is covered by one kind of filter, are quite commonly employed in digital cameras for information collection of an image scene, in order to lower costs. A new CFA method which converts multicolor images into full color images by interpolating the missing color pixels with the given color pixels is developed. Each pixel will sample the intensity of just one of the trichromatic color, and the missing color at each pixel can be inferred from the neighboring pixels with a reasonable degree of accuracy. With the color channels supporting the edges and the edges supporting the interpolation of missing colors, it achieves demosaic full color image with better perceptual quality. The smoothing artifact thus produced is much less than some of the known algorithms, while maintaining a computational complexity that is compatible with other fast demosaic algorithms. The application of this new method will allow each pixel of an image to carry the minimal pieces of information while producing full color images with better subjective visual quality.
Technology Benefits
1. Obtain full color images with better or the same quality of other algorithms
2. Low computational complexity
3. Low cost
Technology Application
- Digital imaging equipment and process, such as digital camera, video devices, applications that require digital imaging processes
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US6642932B2
Application Number: US2001950636A
Inventor: Kok, Chi Wah | Lam, Suk Han
Priority Date: 13 Sep 2001
Priority Number: US6642932B2
Application Date: 13 Sep 2001
Publication Date: 4 Nov 2003
IPC Current: G06T000340 | G06T000500
US Class: 345606 | 345589 | 345609
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Method and system for interpolation in color images
Usefulness: Method and system for interpolation in color images
Summary: For processing digitized image in video devices and digital cameras employing color filter array (CFA) and in personal computer.
Novelty: Digitized image processing method for digital camera, involves multiplying intensity of color in initial pixel, with respective color correction factor of other colors, to derive interpolated color intensity values for other colors
Sub Category
Image Processing
Application Date
13 Sep 2001
Application No.
US 09/950636
Patent Information
US 6642932
ID No.
Hong Kong

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