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Advance Macro-Block Entropy Coding for Advanced Video Standards先進影像標準的巨塊熵編碼

The major part of multimedia applications (such as video conferencing and digital TV broadcasting) is video processing due to its high encoding complexity. The objective of current advanced video standards (including H.264 and AVS) is to achieve higher coding efficiency. In order to meet the objective, advanced entropy coding is required.

In this invention, the proposed entropy coding for advanced video standards is described based on new features of advanced video standards. In low bit-rate video coding, larger quantization parameters are used to give a smaller number of bits spent on residue data. As a result, the header overhead is a dominant factor of yielding the overall bit rates, especially in advanced video standards. Based on new features of MB header properties, we propose an advanced coding algorithm for entropy coding of MB header. The experimental results suggest that, compared with existing entropy coding algorithm, our scheme can achieve higher coding efficiency.
Technology Benefits
1. Easy implementation
2. Low computational complexity
3. High coding efficiency
4. High video quality in terms of PSNR
5. High accuracy of bit rates
Technology Application
- For use in video encoders for multimedia applications over fixed and wireless network
- Applicable on various international video standards, including AVS, MPEG-1/2/4 and ITU-T H.261/3/4
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US8189676B2
Application Number: US200878777A
Inventor: Au, Oscar Chi Lim | Wong, Chi Wah
Priority Date: 5 Apr 2007
Priority Number: US8189676B2
Application Date: 4 Apr 2008
Publication Date: 29 May 2012
IPC Current: H04B000166 | H04N000712 | H04N001102 | H04N001104
US Class: 37524024 | 386206 | 386345
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Advance macro-block entropy coding for advanced video standards
Usefulness: Advance macro-block entropy coding for advanced video standards
Summary: Method for encoding video data frame.
Novelty: Video data frame encoding method, involves encoding element of macro blocks in video data frame by value of element based on past macro block head, and separating macro blocks into non-skipping macro block and skipping macro block
Sub Category
Image Processing
Application Date
4 Apr 2008
Application No.
US 12/078777
Patent Information
US 8189676
ID No.
Hong Kong

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