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Fritillaria Species Identification

Fritillaria (Beimu) is one of the important traditional Chinese herbal medicines commonly used as antitussive and expectorant. There are about 25 species and varieties of Beimu on commercial markets. The price, efficacy and toxicity of Beimu vary with the species. However, the identification of the origin of a particular species with present technology is difficult, because the young bulbs are similar by appearance, microscopic characteristic and chemical constituents.

A novel method is invented to identify various species of Beimu. The 5S-rRNA spacer domain sequences specific for 13 species of Beimu are identified. The sequences generated were subsequently utilized in the design and testing of a genechip prototype for the rapid and efficient differentiation of various Beimu species. This method provides a scientific basis for precise identification of distinct sequences of Beimu, and hence guarantee the safe and effective usage of Beimu. In the future, this approach can also be extended to identification of other crude dry herbs. The differentiating DNA-based data will be utilized in the fabrication of genechips for the routine differentiation of the herbs. In general, these genechips will provide a cost effective and highly efficient means to support the standardization and quality assurance validation of these materials, especially for their use in commercial products.
Technology Benefits
1. Cost effective
2. High efficiency
3. Identification is highly reproducible
Technology Application
- Classification of herbs
- Standardization and quality assurance of various crude dry herbs
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US6569625B1
Application Number: US2000709840A
Inventor: Tsim, Karl W. K. | Ip, Nancy Y. | Sucher, Nikolaus J.
Priority Date: 14 Jul 1999
Priority Number: US6569625B1
Application Date: 10 Nov 2000
Publication Date: 27 May 2003
IPC Current: C12Q000168
US Class: 43500613 | 435006 | 43500616 | 435015 | 435019 | 4350912 | 435810 | 5360231 | 5360236 | 5360243 | 53602433
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Fritillaria species identification
Usefulness: Fritillaria species identification
Summary: The method and composition are useful in determining the presence and quantity of specific Fritillaria genetic material in a sample.
Novelty: Determining Fritillaria genetic material in a sample comprises comparing the 5s-rRNA gene spacer region of a sample of Fritillaria genetic material with that of a control and correlating the results to determine the species
Sub Category
DNA/Gene Engineering
Application Date
10 Nov 2000
Application No.
US 09/709840
Patent Information
US 6569625
ID No.
Hong Kong

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