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Concrete Durability Enhancing Admixture

Despite the introduction of new building and construction methods, concrete is still the most versatile and widely produced industrial material in the world. While it is rare for concrete structure to fail due to lack of intrinsic strength, there is increasing number of cases of concrete structures fail to survive their specified service life due to gradual deterioration. This is very common in areas where there are freeze-and-thaw actions like in the northern part of the world.

An admixture for enhancing the durability of concrete to repeated freeze-thaw cycles is discovered. Its essential element is a natural grain polymer material derived from millet. The admixture further comprises smaller quantities of naphthenic sulfate salt, triethanolamine and formaldehyde. The admixture can reduce permeability and enhance chloride ion bonding capability of concrete, and thus be less affected by freezing and thaws and gain improved durability.
Technology Benefits
1. Naturally renewable
2. Low cost
3. Excellent durability
4. Easy manufacture process
5. Reduced concrete permeability
6. Improve freezing-thawing resistance
Technology Application
- The invention can be readily utilized to develop more durable concrete. It is expected that this new generation of concrete will reduce the deterioration problem of concrete buildings and infrastructures caused by poor durability.
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US6153006A
Application Number: US1998190216A
Inventor: Li, Zongjin | Chau, Chung Kong | Li, Faming | Ma, Baoguo
Priority Date: 13 Nov 1998
Priority Number: US6153006A
Application Date: 13 Nov 1998
Publication Date: 28 Nov 2000
IPC Current: C04B001824 | C04B002422 | C04B002424
US Class: 106805 | 1061311 | 106725 | 106731 | 106823
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Concrete durability enhancing admixture
Usefulness: Concrete durability enhancing admixture
Summary: In concrete mix (claimed).
Novelty: Mixture useful for concrete mix comprises a natural polymer material obtained from millet
Sub Category
Construction Engineering
Application Date
13 Nov 1998
Application No.
US 09/190216
Patent Information
US 6153006
ID No.
Hong Kong

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