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Distributed Position Estimation for Wireless Sensor Networks無線感測器網絡的分佈式位置測定法

In wireless sensor networks (WSNs), estimating nodal positions is important for routing efficiency and position-based services. Making use of position information data can be sent in a controlled manner subjected to application dependent requirements (e.g. minimizing transmission power or distance). Sensed data tagged with position from where they are coming from greatly facilitates processing and evaluation of them. This patent is about an effective method of allowing a sensor node to estimate its own position, based only on coarse distances between its neighbors and itself, together with an embedding mathematical tool. This method involves four major steps for each of the nodes: estimating distances from nearby nodes; performing position estimation locally; broadcasting the result; and refining its estimation. Since the method allows nodes to perform the estimation in a distributed manner, it is scalable and can work with high density. In also supports nodes joining the network and nodes with lower power. Also, useful information for position-based routing is already embedded during the position estimation process, so no extra transmission is required for efficient route determination in reporting data to a collecting node.
Technology Benefits
1. No special hardware is required
2. Lower deployment cost
3. More suitable in a sensor network for limited
4. computation power
5. Small propagation of nodes are needed
6. Fast convergence time
Technology Application
- Obtaining position information in wireless mobile networks
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US7812718B1
Application Number: US2006603263A
Inventor: Chan, Gary Shueng-Han | Cheung, Victor | Wong, Kin-Fung | Tsang, Ivor Wai Hung | Kwok, James Tin Yau
Priority Date: 21 Nov 2005
Priority Number: US7812718B1
Application Date: 21 Nov 2006
Publication Date: 12 Oct 2010
IPC Current: G08B000108
US Class: 34053913 | 3406861 | 3423572 | 4554561 | 709223 | 34235701
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Distributed position estimation for wireless sensor networks
Usefulness: Distributed position estimation for wireless sensor networks
Summary: Method for estimating a position of distributed node for a wireless sensor network.
Novelty: Method for estimating position of distributed node for wireless sensor network, involves conditionally updating estimate of non-bootstrap node's own position, and propagating non-bootstrap node's own position to nodes
Sub Category
Application Date
21 Nov 2006
Application No.
US 11/603263
Patent Information
US 7812718
ID No.
Hong Kong

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