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Capacitively Loaded PIFA

In recent years the demand for small cellular handsets has grown substantially and the need for still smaller handsets continues to increase. Planer inverted-F antenna (PIFA) designs have received attention since they are compact. Although smaller sizes PIFA are needed, the design of compact antennas is fundamentally limited by the underlying physics of the problem. In practice, conventional PIFA's resonant length is one-forth of the wavelength, which limits consequently the overall size of the antenna.

The invention is a novel PIFA that is provided with a capacitive load that allows the dimensions of the antenna to be reduced to half of that conventional ones. Difficulties in obtaining a proper impedance match are overcome by incorporating a capcitive feed arrangement. Consequently the overall performance of the capacitively loaded and fed PIFA is as good as the conventional PIFA whilst only occupying half its volume. This is significant in that it could allow smaller handsets to be manufactured as well as allowing receiver designs using multiple antennas. The newly invented PIFA can be integrated into the body of a mobile telephone handset.
Technology Benefits
1. Half size of conventional PIFA
2. Utilizing a capacitive feed arrangement to allow proper impedance matching
3. More compact and allow smaller handsets to be manufactured as well as allowing receiver designs using multiple antennas
4. Achieving same quality without requiring dielectric material in the design
Technology Application
- Mobile phones and communication tools
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US5764190A
Application Number: US1996679978A
Inventor: Murch, Ross David | Rowell, Corbett Ray
Priority Date: 15 Jul 1996
Priority Number: US5764190A
Application Date: 15 Jul 1996
Publication Date: 9 Jun 1998
IPC Current: H01Q000124 | H01Q000904
US Class: 343702 | 343700MS | 343752
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Capacitively loaded PIFA
Usefulness: Capacitively loaded PIFA
Novelty: Planar inverted-F antenna for cellular phone handset has capacitive load provided between first and second conductor plates by connecting third conductor plate to first conductor parallel to second conductor plate
Sub Category
Application Date
15 Jul 1996
Application No.
US 08/679978
Patent Information
US 5764190
ID No.
Hong Kong

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