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Fullerene-Containing Optical Materials with Novel Light Transmission Characteristics

Traditionally, glass colored with metal ions have been used to manipulate light transmission, but this method suffers the disadvantages of consuming tremendous energy to melt metal oxides and of the complications associated with the high-temperature processing. Polymers are replacing glasses in many optical applications because of their advantages such as low cost, low density, high flexibility, great transmissibility, and high impact strength. However, manipulation of light transmission by plastics remains a non-trivial task.

A novel optical material and its manufacture are discovered. In particular, it relates to fullerene-containing polymers and glasses with novel light transmission characteristics. The light transmission properties can be easily altered by simply changing the fullerene contents. For example, only small amount of fullerene incorporated into optical material can define the cut-off wavelength. In addition, this novel material need much lower temperature to be produced.
Technology Benefits
1. Does not consume tremendous energy when preparing the material
2. manufacture process is simple
3. Cut-off wavelength can be easily decided
4. Filter unwanted light without affecting the visibility
5. Improve properties of optical plastics such as thermal and photochemical stability, mechanical strength, oxidation-resistance, etc.
6. Lower the production cost
Technology Application
- Filter complex radiation and obtain with precisely defined spectral characteristics in optical engineering
- Limit or filter off certain region of the radiant energy to protect UV-sensitive food and medicine
- Sunglasses, headlight lamps, X-ray tubes
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US6066272A
Application Number: US1996729724A
Inventor: Tang, Ben zhong | Yu, Nai teng | Peng, Han | Leung, Shuk mei | Wu, Xuan zheng
Priority Date: 7 Oct 1996
Priority Number: US6066272A
Application Date: 7 Oct 1996
Publication Date: 23 May 2000
IPC Current: C08K000501 | C08K000517
US Class: 252582 | 252583 | 525025 | 977735 | 252025
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Fullerene-containing optical materials with novel light transmission characteristics
Usefulness: Fullerene-containing optical materials with novel light transmission characteristics
Summary: For use as an optical filtering material (claimed) for optical processing and communication, ophthalmic lens material, shielding screens for TV and PC monitors, sun glasses and protective goggles (especially for welders, smelters, semiconductor clean room operators, computer operators and laser operators, exposed to strong and/or constant light emission), containers and packaging materials (especially for packaging and storing pharmaceutical and medical products such as drugs, photocurable dental bonding resins and polymer based controlled drug delivery devices that undergo undesirable photodegradation during storage), UV protective contact lenses, skin cosmetics such as creams and lotions, photosensitive material such as photoresist for fabrication of integrated circuit computer chips, photocurable polymer liquid crystals for display systems and color films for photo imaging processes.
Sub Category
Chemical/Material Application
Application Date
7 Oct 1996
Application No.
US 08/729724
Patent Information
US 6066272
ID No.
Hong Kong

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