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A Novel Signal Transduction Gene Confers Disease Resistance

A signal transduction related gene was cloned from the monocot plant rice. Expression of this gene in the dicot plant Arabidopsis thaliana enhances disease resistance and elevates expression of defense marker genes. The successful protection effect of a monocot gene in a dicot plant indicates its capability of broad spectrum resistance. No obvious negative effects of the transgene (such as program cell death) were exhibited by the transgenic plants. The invention can be applied to enhance broad spectrum disease resistance in corps.
Supplementary Information
Inventor: Lam, Hon-Ming | Sun, Samuel Sai Ming
Priority Number: US7994392B2
IPC Current: A01H000500 | C12N001509 | C12N001582
US Class: 800279 | 4350691 | 800278 | 800298 | 800317
Assignee Applicant: The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Title: Methods to enhance plant trauma resistance
Usefulness: Methods to enhance plant trauma resistance
Summary: The recombinant expression system is useful for conferring an enhanced ability to resist trauma on a plant, preparing a protein that has the amino acid sequence of OsGAP1 or its variants, and identifying a compound or combination of compounds that modulate the ability of plants to resist trauma (all claimed).
Novelty: New recombinant expression system comprises a nucleotide sequence encoding rice GTPase activating protein-1 (OsGAP1), useful for conferring an enhanced ability to resist trauma on a plant
Sub Category
Application No.
Inventor(s): Professor Lam Hon Ming, Department of Biology

Patent Status:  US Patent Pending

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