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Light Emitting Material

A wide variety of optoelectronic devices are known for emitting light and which may be used in various devices such as calculator displays. However, the range of colours available from such devices is limited by the number of suitable materials available. The suitable semiconductors, such as Gallium-Arsenide (GaAs), emit useful light only in the red end of the spectrum. There is also problem with constructing a device that emits light at shorter wavelengths toward the blue end of the spectrum.

The invention relates to a novel photoluminescent material comprising an active luminescent layer of ZnS1-xTex alloy deposited directly on a substrate selected from the group consisting of GaAs or Silicon. One of the advantages using this active material is that by varying the value of x as in ZnS1-xTex, the alloy layer lattice can be matched to the substrate.

It is suitable for use in an optoelectronic device. It may emit light in the yellow to blue region of the spectrum. This material is very suitable for use in devices in integrated circuits (IC).
Technology Benefits
1. High efficiency
2. Match Silicon technology
3. Obtain all the visible light in one material system
Technology Application
- Visible electroluminescence devices
- Visible light emitting diode (LED)
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US5540786A
Application Number: US1995407635A
Inventor: Xu, Gui C. | Sou, Iam K. | Wong, Kam S. | Wang, Hong | Yang, Zhi U. | Wong, George K. L.
Priority Date: 21 Mar 1995
Priority Number: US5540786A
Application Date: 21 Mar 1995
Publication Date: 30 Jul 1996
IPC Current: C09K001188 | H01L0029221 | H01L003300 | H01L003328
US Class: 1480334 | 1480335 | 257E29096 | 438047 | 437127 | 437133
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Light emitting material
Usefulness: Light emitting material
Summary: USE In optoelectronic devices emitting in the yellow-to-blue region and which are part of an IC, as in calculator displays, flat screens for televisions, etc. Thin film EL devices, LEDs and UV detectors may also be made.
Novelty: New photoluminescent material comprises zinc sulphide telluride active layer deposited by molecular beam epitaxy onto silicon or gallium arsenide substrate and emitting blue light
Sub Category
Application Date
21 Mar 1995
Application No.
US 08/407635
Patent Information
US 5540786
ID No.
Hong Kong

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