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Dual-Emitter Lateral Magnetometer

Well-known magnetometers and magnetic field sensors employing semiconductor materials are usually either not compatible with standard integrated circuit (IC) fabrication techniques, or are not sufficiently sensitive for practical usage. Currently, in order to obtain the required sensitivity, materials such as permalloy and superconductors are used, such materials need extra manufacturing procedures. There is a need for a magnetometer or magnetic field sensor employing semiconductor materials of sufficient sensitivity for practical applications, and which can be manufactured using standard semiconductor fabrication techniques.

The invention provides a novel magnetic field sensor formed from semiconductor material deposited laterally on an insulating substrate, comprising a pair of cathodes, an anode and a triggering node. Whereby in use a magnetic field is detected as an imbalance between the currents collected at the said pair of cathodes. This current imbalance can be used not only to sense the presence of a magnetic field, but also to measure its strength. This new sensor can be fabricated using conventional IC fabrication techniques and therefore compatible with existing IC manufacturing technology.
Technology Benefits
1. High sensitivity
2. Compatible with standard semiconductor fabrication techniques
3. Low power demand
Technology Application
- Integrated magnetic read head
- Contact-less current meter
- Medical imaging
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US5514899A
Application Number: US1994241407A
Inventor: Lau, Jack | Nguyen, Christopher C. T. | Ko, Ping | Chan, Philip C.
Priority Date: 11 May 1994
Priority Number: US5514899A
Application Date: 11 May 1994
Publication Date: 7 May 1996
IPC Current: G01R003306 | G11B000533
US Class: 257423 | 257426 | 257427 | G9B005106
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Dual-emitter lateral magnetometer
Usefulness: Dual-emitter lateral magnetometer
Novelty: Semiconductor magnetic sensor has triggering node for switching sensor from OFF mode to ON mode in response to triggering pulse applied, so sensor detects magnetic field as imbalance between currents collected at pair of cathodes
Sub Category
Application Date
11 May 1994
Application No.
US 08/241407
Patent Information
US 5514899
ID No.
Hong Kong

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