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Formic Acid-Graphite Intercalation Compound

Conventional graphite made from sulfuric acid-graphite intercalation compound (GIC) contains much amount of sulfur, which cause environmental pollution and corrosion.

The invention provides a new formic acid-GIC synthesized by an electrochemical process in which formic acid is used as electrolyte. The novel synthesized compound with the stage 4 to stage 7 structures can be expanded by rapid heating to a high temperature of more than 400 'C. Its expansion volume is more than 150 c.c./g. The expanded graphite can be further compressed into sheet or bulk form of flexible graphite which is widely used in industries as sealing materials. The expandable graphite made from the formic acid-GIC does not contain sulfur as conventional ones, thereby eliminating the environmental problems.
Technology Benefits
1. No sulfur and chlorine addition in processing
2. Product is much less corrosive than conventional flexible graphite.
Technology Application
- Sealing agent
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US5698088A
Application Number: US1996677561A
Inventor: Kang, Feiyu | Leng, Yang | Zhang, Tong Yi
Priority Date: 8 Jul 1996
Priority Number: US5698088A
Application Date: 8 Jul 1996
Publication Date: 16 Dec 1997
IPC Current: C01B003100 | C25B000100
US Class: 205555 | 423448 | 423460
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Formic acid-graphite intercalation compound
Usefulness: Formic acid-graphite intercalation compound
Summary: USE The formic acid-graphite intercalation compound is used to manufacture flexible graphite sheet (claimed). Flexible graphite is used as a superior high-performance sealing material, in such applications as nuclear power plants, aerospace, electronics and automotive parts.
Novelty: Formic acid-graphite intercalation compound for flexible graphite sheet formation is produced electrochemically using formic acid as electrolyte and intercalate
Sub Category
Chemical/Material Application
Application Date
8 Jul 1996
Application No.
US 08/677561
Patent Information
US 5698088
ID No.
Hong Kong

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