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Customized Shoe and Insole, Method and Apparatus for Determining Shape of a Foot and for Making a Shoe or Insole測定舒適的足底承托形狀的方法及儀器

It is necessary to be able to determine the shape of the foot surface when standing on different shapes so that the comfortable shapes can be determined. The foot is comprised of 26 bones and soft tissues and the optimal configuration for the foot when standing on a surface is really not its natural shape in a no load condition. The bones and soft tissues of the foot will deform in different ways and it is necessary to be able to capture the foot shape considering the various characteristics of the foot. The present invention provides a device for measuring the plantar shape of the foot as well as the comfortable shapes considering heel length, heel angle, heel height, toe angle, and midfoot support length. A system is proposed whereby the heel angle (or wedge angle) can be continuously or discretely changed in order to determine the planar shape as well as the optimal or comfortable shape for various heel heights, heel length, toe angle, midfoot support length and materials supporting the foot. The plantar shape can be digitalized to obtain the insole shape of a shoe or insole in any weight-bearing condition. In addition, by adopting a plaster casting of the foot while standing on any given embodiment, the complete shape of the foot can be obtained whereby the whole shoe can be manufactured to provide a customized fit.
Technology Benefits
1. Improved comfort when wearing footwear
2. Possible reduction of injuries due to conforming shapes of support surfaces that will distribute loading on the stronger foot structures
Technology Application
- Footwear manufacturers and retailers
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US7854071B2
Application Number: US2010730828A
Inventor: Goonetilleke, Ravindra Stephen | Witana, Channa Patuwatha | Weerasinghe, Thilina Wijayantha
Priority Date: 30 Mar 2007
Priority Number: US7854071B2
Application Date: 24 Mar 2010
Publication Date: 21 Dec 2010
IPC Current: A61B0005103
US Class: 033515 | 033003R | 033512
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Customized shoe and insole, method and apparatus for determining shape of a foot and for making a shoe or insole
Usefulness: Customized shoe and insole, method and apparatus for determining shape of a foot and for making a shoe or insole
Summary: Device for confirming shape of a comfortable shoe bed.
Novelty: Comfortable shoe bed shape confirming device, has back platform provided for supporting back of foot, and front platform adopted for supporting front sole, where height of front platform or back platform is adjusted
Sub Category
Application Date
24 Mar 2010
Application No.
US 12/730828
Patent Information
US 7854071
ID No.
Hong Kong

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