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Effective Rate Control for Video Encoding and Transcoding

Raw digital video data usually means a huge size file. To transmit and store such files, compression must be applied to the data. Different methods have been developed to digital signal compression, coding and representation. In particular, technology has been designed for video compression, coding and representation system using rate control algorithm and having both device and method aspects.

Current algorithms did not consider the characteristics of the macro-blocks after quantization or re-quantization in the phase of bit allocation and quantization parameter (QP) determination. This causes big problems in transmission, since most practical networks cannot cope with a large variation in bit-rate.

This invention introduces a novel scheme named Zero-Residue Pre-Selection Scheme (ZRPS). By avoiding the macro-block with zero residues to be involved in the bit allocation and QP determination process, the effectiveness of existing rate control scheme is hence improved.

The invention can be applied in both video encoding and transcoding under low bit-rate environment.
Technology Benefits
1. More effective rate control in video transcoding process
2. Accurately achieve the target bit-rate
3. Higher quality and a lower buffer delay
Technology Application
- Applied in both video encoding and transcoding under low bit-rate environment
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US8442113B2
Application Number: US2006553877A
Inventor: Au, Oscar Chi-Lim | Ho, Chi Wang
Priority Date: 28 Oct 2005
Priority Number: US8442113B2
Application Date: 27 Oct 2006
Publication Date: 14 May 2013
IPC Current: H04N000712
US Class: 37524003 | 37524004
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Effective rate control for video encoding and transcoding
Usefulness: Effective rate control for video encoding and transcoding
Summary: Used for determining a quantization factor for blocks of pixels in an image or video encoding and video transcoding (claimed) in a digital signal compression, coding representation system, video compression, coding and representation system.
Novelty: Quantization factor determining method for video encoding, involves classifying set of pixels blocks into zero residue blocks and non-zero residual blocks, based on predefined criteria
Sub Category
Image Processing
Application Date
27 Oct 2006
Application No.
US 11/553877
Patent Information
US 8442113
ID No.
Hong Kong

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