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Integrated Lane Assist System

Detailed Technology Description
  1. Integration of both Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Blind-Spot Detection (BSD) features into one single module product
  2. LDW recognizes the lane markings on the driveways and detects whether the driver had drifted out of original lane unintentionally
  3. BSD assists the driver in monitoring the lateral blind spot zones of the vehicle and deliver warnings if there are objects appear in the zones
  4. Use Monocular vision-based image processing method through camera
  5. Able to integrate with other Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) features like Frontal Collision Avoidance and Pedestrian Detection
  6. Applicable to OEM or after-market product (with or without CAN bus)
  7. Appropriate warning methods & installation parameters
  8. Passed field road tests with this system integrated on actual vehicle
Hong Kong

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