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Mobile RFID Reader

USB RFID reader and compact RFID reader are designed for desktop, laptop and embedded PC environments or for use with mobile devices such as Smartphone and tablets. The USB reader is a small, lightweight EPC Gen2 compliant UHF RFID reader. It fits comfortably in the hand and can support applications that require desktop reading and writing of RFID tags. It can be controlled through the USB interface of a PC, laptop or embedded device. The Compact UHF RFID reader is specially designed for mobile devices such as Smartphone and tablets. With its miniature enclosure, it can fit on the back plate of different Smartphone or tablets. Software development kits and utilities are provided with the devices.
Detailed Technology Description
  • USB handheld reader design for computer and mobile device
  • RFID reader antenna design
  • RFID reader chip design
  • RFID reader firmware to support multiple OS platforms
Hong Kong

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