Patented technologies unlock a world of business opportunities

Hoping to spark a breakthrough in life, Kwai Bun, who has already carved out a multi-faceted career as a 3D animator, a programmer and a business owner, embarked on a journey to develop something novel: a world-unique real-time virtual fitting system for which he spent years integrating anatomy and fashion knowledge into programming.


A decade ago, the once-wild idea of programming a virtual technology for digital avatars germinated in Kwai Bun’s mind. He was inspired by


the Hollywood blockbuster Avatar, which left him wonderstruck with its cutting-edge technology of building realistic humanoids in virtual sets. After years of all-out effort, the innovator succeeded in developing Quantum Human, a digital avatar (or virtual double) technology, which is the first cornerstone of his I&T journey.


 Quantum Human can be applied to game designs.


Kwai Bun’s another remarkable achievement is Quantum Fit, a virtual try-on system for digital avatars that has been unveiled in an experiential display staged at Harbour City this year. “Many of us have had the experience of purchasing clothes that do not fit because we did not try them on before paying. This is even more common in times of pandemic as more of us choose to shop online. In this case, merchants have to bear higher costs because of more returned goods, repackaging cost and the increased difficulty in inventory management,” Kwai Bun said. He added that incorporating virtual doubles and virtual fitting can solve the mentioned problems. The system also drives environmental protection and sustainable business development.



 Incorporating virtual avatars and virtual fitting technology helps tackle some of the pain points of the fashion industry.


A trump card for business competitions


Now, Quantum Human and Quantum Fit have both been granted patent rights. From that, Kwai Bun has also garnered various I&T awards along the way. The innovator commented that patents are a means of protecting the fruits of research and development while adding value to commodities. “Patents prove that a product is unique in some way. With patents, innovators enjoy the right to take legal actions to protect their creations. As for investors, they have more confidence in patented products as well,” he explained.


The Quantum Human system is now supporting Explorer R, a brand-new interactive experience at Ocean Park Hong Kong that creates virtual avatars for visiting children. “We were competing with a lot of world-class companies for this tender. What gave our technology an edge and made it stand out is exactly the patent,” said Kwai Bun.



As the technical support for Explorer R, a brand-new interactive experience at Ocean Park Hong Kong, Kwai Bun delivers a digital learning package where children can acquire STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) knowledge and skills.

Patents drive development and overseas expansion


Protecting intellectual property is undoubtedly important. Quantum Matrix has entrusted accredited patent attorneys to handle the patent application procedures. “We have to go through a series of legal procedures to apply for a patent. We have to discuss with our lawyers to draft valid application documents that protect our innovations. We have to be meticulous every step of the way,” Kwai Bun said. It is common misconception that patents can only be granted after a technology has been developed successfully. To that, Kwai Bun reminded, “Actually, you can apply for a patent as early as when you have the ideas and concepts in mind.”


Patents influence businesses positively in overseas expansion, in attracting clients and in drawing investments. Many investors expressed their interest in Kwai Bun’s innovations. “Investors might not understand the technicalities of these innovations, but the word ‘patent’ itself is convincing in a way that it boosts investors’ confidence in the technologies and draws attention from them right away,” said Kwai Bun.


He shared that Quantum Matrix receives collaboration invitations once every few days. Over the past two months, the company has engaged in partnerships with different companies, leaving global footprints in Russia, Brazil, South Africa, eastern Europe and many more. Apart from Hong Kong, Quantum Matrix targets to expand itself internationally by establishing regional bases in Shanghai, New York, London and Dubai, in the hope of introducing their new technologies to more overseas markets.




Kwai Bun said that seeking patent protection is a way to protect the fruits of innovation while adding value to commodities.




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