Bacteria Banished

Disinfection looks easy with a durable antimicrobial coating devised by the Hong Kong-based Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Ltd (NAMI). A single spray-on application in hospitals or public-transport facilities, on elevator buttons, door knobs, keyboards, furniture, walls, air filters or elsewhere, can banish most bacteria forup to almost a year, regardless of additional cleaning with water, diluted bleach or 70-per-cent alcohol.

NAMI developed this long-lasting antimicrobial coating that is versatile and easy to apply on healthcare or consumer goods. It kills 99 per cent of bacteria within an hour.

The odourless coating uses nanoparticles against which bacteria lack resistance. It contains no hazardous materials, germicide or harmful volatile organic compounds. It complies with international standards, such as RoHS and SVHC. Being semi-transparent and versatile, it leaves appearances unchanged and excels on pre-fabricated or painted surfaces.


Great Ideas enter Global Markets

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) actively promotes Hong Kong as Asia’s global intellectual property (IP) trading hub, with an annual forum and an online marketplace particularly designed for this sector.


The Asia IP Exchange (AsiaIPEX) at is a global online trading platform and database for intellectual property built and managed by the HKTDC. Easy-to-use, AsiaIPEX showcases intellectual properties worldwide in order to link global IP traders and facilitate deals.

Allied with dozens of partners, AsiaIPEX offers 25,000-plus tradable IP listings and has 7,500 members from 120 countries and regions. Among these, it is not difficult to find exciting, innovative and first-of-its-kind products and ideas. The i.Dummy, a robotic mannequin invented by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU); and a spray-on, durable antimicrobial coating developed by the Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Ltd (NAMI) are distinctive examples.

The i.Dummy, invented by the Institute of Textiles and Clothing at the PolyU, is a robotic mannequin that changes shapes and dimensions. It allows fashion designers to use just a single mannequin for most creative efforts, avoiding the expense of mannequins in many sizes.

Since launch, there has been a number of i.Dummy users in the industry, and we are glad to know that a licensee of this technology now manufactures and markets this product in Hong Kong and overseas, proving its acceptance by industry players,” says Dr Allan Chan, the institute’s associate head.

AsiaIPEX creates a solid platform for companies of all sizes to pursue licensing and commercialising technologies. Potential IP buyers welcome the site’s timely information about available technologies. They can easily check information from different sources and conduct patent searches.

Some AsiaIPEX strategic alliances involve far-flung partners on the Chinese mainland and in Canada, Denmark, Malaysia, the UK and US. Among its Hong Kong partners are R&D centres and university technology-transfer units keen to promote home-grown technologies.

For IP owners wishing to sell, manufacturers buying technologies or IP service providers, AsiaIPEX definitely supplies a useful resource,” notes Chan who further comments, “Hong Kong thrives as Asia’s global IP trading hub due to its business-friendliness, strategic location and strong legal system including IP protection.”

Meanwhile, another highlight on the portal is a spray-on, durable antimicrobial coating developed by the NAMI in the Hong Kong Science Park. Silver nanoparticles in this coating have antibacterial functions that decrease bacterial growth, killing 99 per cent of the bacteria on most surfaces within an hour,” says Jenny Yiu, NAMI’s director of public affairs and development.

The technology is well-received by industries such as healthcare and consumer goods, and Yiu gave credit to AsiaIPEX for such promising industry feedback. “Listing on the portal is an effective way to send across our innovation achievement to users and possible licensees in Hong Kong and around the world,” Yiu remarks.