Ultra-strong and Ductile Steel with Low price and Easy Manufacturing - Gold Medal

This newly invented ultra-strong steel is a new type of steel with ultra-high strength and good ductility with low price and easy manufacturing. It can be served as an alternative material in automotive and aerospace industries with high demand for lightweight and energy-efficient. It's ready for large-scale industrial production.
Technology Benefits
This steel addresses the industry's desire for lightweight and energy-efficient structure materials.  The manufacturing process is low in price and simple. The cost of the raw material is low ( less than one dollar per kilogram)
Technology Application
steel products
Detailed Technology Description
This newly invented ultra-strong and ductile steel is lightweight and energy-efficient which exhibits 1800 MPa yield strength, 12% uniform elongation and 16% total elongation. The processing route and detailed mechanical properties of this steel are on the patent. The fabricating processes include hot rolling at 1150 ℃, warm rolling with 50% reduction at 700 ℃, and cold rolling with 25% reduction at room temperature. The mechanical behavior of the steel shows 1800 MPa yield strength and 16 % total elongation.
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
02/10/2020 00:00:00
Application No.
US Provisional Application No. 63/086,813
Others [ Science 19 June 2020 ]
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