Light-controlled Contamination-free Fluidic Processor - Gold Medal

This contamination-free fluidic processor resembles a “magic” optical hand that navigate, fuse, pinch, and cleave fluids in lossfree manner. The processor levitates a wide range of fluids, including water, oil, and alcohol, atop nanostructures and uses lights as wand to move or split fluids without physical touch.
Technology Benefits
The new processor is portable (with a thickness of ~2mm) and works for a wide spectrum of fluid and its maneuverable fluid volume can be as small as 0.001μl, about 0.02% of the volume of blood in a mosquito. Furthermore, the invention is contamination-free and can potentially replace disposable plastics and ease environmental strain. The costing is much lower (around US$50) compared with the traditional techniques
Technology Application
biomedical testing and diagnosis
DNA analysis, proteomics, cell assay and clinical diagnosis, chemical synthesis and drug discovery.
Detailed Technology Description
The invention is a light-controlled contamination-free fluidic processor which uses light as a stimulating force, allowing contactless manipulations in moving, merging, dispensing and splitting liquids, on a specifically designed photo-responsive platform. The platform is non-toxic and non-sticky to all fluids, making it an ideal contamination-free fluidic processor. The key technology of the light-controlled fluidic processor is a two-layer photo-responsive platform. With a thickness of only 2mm, it is portable and easy to handle. Its superomniphobic surface interfaces fluids in a frictionless manner, like dew drops rolling on a lotus leaf; and a photothermal pyroelectric layer, which senses the light stimuli and converts it into a force that move, split and dispense fluids.
Type of Cooperation
Application Date
22/01/2021 00:00:00
Application No.
US Provisional Application No. 63/140,304
Hong Kong


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