Ultra-light Weight Hydrophobic Water Repelling Green Foamed Concrete



As in many cosmopolitan cities in the world, the high-density buildings and roads generate great environmental burdens in Hong Kong. For instance, air conditioning inside buildings accounts for one-third of the total local electricity consumption. Recent developments of green and energy efficient building materials shed light on tackling such environmental issues.

NAMI has been focusing on developing innovative materials to cater the local demands in Hong Kong from the construction industries. NAMI has developed a novel foam forming technology in cementitious concrete which yields 3 times better thermal insulation than that of normal concrete, eventually lowering the electricity consumption. In addition, this porous-based concrete material is favorable to sound diffusion and contributes to sound insulation when being applied in the construction of roads, pavements and walls of buildings.

NAMI’s “Ultra-light Weight Hydrophobic Water Repelling Green Foamed Concrete for Thermal Insulation Panel of External Walls" has been awarded the Certificate of Merit under the Green Innovations Awards of the 2014 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE).


Technology Benefits

Light-weight with high compressive strength
Thermal insulating
Sound insulating
reduces material & transportation costs
adopts industrial process by-products


Technology Application

External walls and internal wall partitioning of buildings
Thermal and sound insulation panels
Noise barrier and pavements




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