Smart Automatic Train Operation



Fuel costs are one of the largest operational expenses for rail transport. The cost of the energy acquisition for one freight locomotive is from $700K to $1,2M per year. To address this problem, OptiRail Ltd. has developed the Smart Automatic Train Operation (SATO®) system. SATO automatically controls the train, similar to an aircraft autopilot, while reducing energy consumption used for traction by 10 to 25%


Technology Benefits

Technology allows optimization of train operation based not on averages or general conditions, but on exact current train and external conditions



Technology Application

Reduce the operation cost operators/owners of railways locomotives up to 25% and reduce carbon emissions


Detailed Technology Description

Techology is designed for the optimal control computation with minimal electric energy (diesel fuel) consumption used for the locomotive traction. It allows determination of the actual characteristics of the train and external conditions while the train is in motion, using available information in digital locomotive network:
train motion resistance;
coefficients of slide and adhesion between wheel and rail;
traction and braking characteristics;
train weight.


Application Date



Application No.

RU 2014112992, EA 201400515


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RU № 148444





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