Methods and Catalysts for Green Biodiesel Production from Unrefined Low Grade Feedstock



A durable catalyst developed for green biodiesel production from low grade feedstock through one-step catalysis


Technology Benefits

One-step biodiesel production from low grade unrefined feedstock; No washing with fresh water required for biodiesel produced; Operates at low temperature and pressure; The catalyst demonstrates excellent reusability and robustnes


Technology Application

Biodiesel production



Detailed Technology Description

Biodiesel is a sustainable liquid fuel originated from biomass. However, traditional liquid biodiesel catalyst generates a huge amount of waste water in the final purification procedure. A new class of solid catalyst is developed by precise surface chemistry engineering to catalyze the biodiesel production. With excellent adaptability to low grade unrefined feedstock like waste cooking oil, the catalyst can provide complete solution to the waste water problem. In addition, it operates at a significant lower temperature and pressure as compared with the existing solid biodiesel catalyst due to its high catalytic activity, which can reduce the energy and cost required for biodiesel production


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62138963 (HK)


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