Cultivation of Aniline-degrading Bacteria to Enhance Textile Dyeing Wastewater Treatment - Gold Medal

Detailed Technology Description
This project demonstrates a solution to the treatment of textile dyeing wastewater that is both sustainable and economical. It enhances biological treatment through an innovative process that integrates taxonomy analysis and biodegradation performance to identify and cultivate the specialised aniline-degrading bacteria for textile dyeing wastewater treatment. The specialised microbial strains, cultivated and immobilised through this process, can reduce the concentration of Aniline compounds in textile dyeing wastewater to an undetectable level. This taxonomic identification method provides a detailed understanding of microbial populations in biological wastewater treatment environments. The treatment also benefits the environment by eliminating physiochemical treatment and its associated health hazards, while at the same time reducing capital investment in plant and long-term operating costs.

Award: Gold Medal in Special Edition 2021 Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days
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Hong Kong
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Hong Kong


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