Ultra-durable Anti-fog Nano-coating - Gold Medal


Nearly all commercially available anti-fog plastic products rely on the application of surface coating, which inevitably wears off and fades over time, requiring reapplication or disposal. NAMI’s anti-fog technology enables ultra-durable anti-fogging function integrating into various types of plastics. With the advantage of high adaptability to different conventional plastic film processes, the end-product will also be resistant to abrasion, recyclable and food-contact safe. NAMI’s anti-fog technology provides high-performance and long-lasting anti-fogging plastics applicable to food packaging, medical, agricultural, and optical products.
Technology Benefits
- Built-in anti-fogging plastic film
- Highly durable
- Recyclable
- Food contact safe
- Washable
- Competitive cost
Technology Application
- Food packaging
- Greenhouse film
- Spectacles
- Medical consumables, e.g. masks and tubings
- Agricultural, industrial and optical products


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