An Energy-free, Low-cost and High Cooling Performance Passive Radiative Cooling Technology for Building Applications - Gold Medal with Congratulations of Jury


Radiative cooling paints to be used to facilitate reflecting solar radiation away from a surface and dissipating heat by thermal radiation to achieve cooling effect
Technology Benefits
Radiative cooling paints can provide cooling effect passively
Technology Application
Painting on buldings, automobiles, roads, curtains and outdoor electronics; Thermal management of solar cells;Self-cooling merchandise by coating radiativce cooling paint on the outer layer of umbrellas/hats/textiles
Detailed Technology Description
The radiative cooling paint , an emerging applied Nano-material technology that can block the incoming solar irradiance from the sun, while simultaneously creating a cooling effect by emitting thermal radiation to the cold universe (~-270 °C). Hence, sub-ambient cooling can be achieved even under direct sunlight. Different from conventional cooling technologies, the radiative cooling paint leads the way to eco-friendly and energy-free cooling without causing ozone depletion and greenhouse effect. Based on the results of our radiative cooling paint, by applying this cooling technology on a building rooftop, the rooftop temperature can be reduced by 15 ⁰C under direct sunlight when it is compared to the rooftop without coating the PRCP, saving about 10% of cooling energy of traditional air-conditioning systems in buildings
Type of Cooperation
Publication Country/ Region
Hong Kong
Application Date
24/12/2020 00:00:00
Application No.
C09D 5/00
Hong Kong


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