Energy Management System for Dyeing and Finishing Factory



The textile industry is an energy-intensive business. Energy cost occupies the highest proportion of the total cost during production. The establishment of energy consumption and production data management systems enables enterprises to better understand their energy consumption status.

The Energy Management System is an integration of wireless communications technology, intelligent computing, and automatic control computer management system. Its design and configuration are based on the principles of usability, scalability, professionalism, and cost-effectiveness. The system focuses on monitoring the production process and establishes an energy usage management centre. The system can make a comprehensive analysis on energy consumption and production performance by using the real time data on energy consumption (such as steam, water and electricity) and information of production status. The system can enhance energy efficiency and achieve the objective of green production through implementation of quantitative energy consumption control, management of technical operation, appropriate production scheduling, assessment mechanism and energy improvement projects.


Technology Benefits

Technological Breakthrough

- Energy consumption measurement and analysis: Establish a comprehensive database on production energy consumption to understand the consumption status.
- Target setting and monitoring: Based on the energy consumption and production data management system, three branches of the energy-saving system can be established – energy consumption index at different levels, usage monitoring and performance assessment.
- Energy management: This can be achieved by using rationing, quota management, process operations management with the appropriate production scheduling, assessment mechanism and energy improvement projects.
- Solution assessment – This can improve the effects of the energy consumption assessment, as well as developing follow-up solutions.

Industry Benefits

- Industrial-grade wireless transmission solutions: Embedded wireless data acquisition devices are suitable for a hot and humid industrial environment.
- Flexible installation: This system can adapt to different brand meters, including external or internal, digital or non-digital meters, and can be applied to existing meters.
- Time-saving: This system can provide highly accurate, real-time energy consumption data and reduce time on data entry manually.
- Intelligent computing: The system can facilitate intelligent energy consumption and production allocation that could reflect different levels of energy consumption and help establish indicators.

- Real-time system: The system can provide real time energy consumption and production status information with visual-user-interface. It also provides traceability and alerts functions.
- Flexibility: The system is especially oriented for different types of printing and dyeing sectors in the textile industry.


Technology Application

The system is composed of a control panel equipped with keypad, radio frequency identification tags and tag reader, a wireless sensor network and a wireless meter data acquisition device.

Wireless meter data acquisition devices are installed on water meters, electricity meters, steam flow meters and yard meters throughout the factory to obtain accurate energy consumption data and real-time production status. These data of the production floor will be transmitted to the back-end server for analysis through the wireless sensor network.


Detailed Technology Description

A non-exclusive licence includes the right of making further research and development as well as sale of the system based on the filed patent.

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