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January 2021
Court upholds $1bn copyright ruling against ISP Cox
Nokia draws first blood in Daimler validity battle
Supreme People's Court, PRC and CNIPA Established Online Litigation and Mediation Coordination Mechanism
Haier: Accurately Protect Core Patents
Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court Newly Received Various Patent Cases 6,905 pieces in 2020
Bayer: Successfully Protected Legal Rights of "Kangwang" Trademark
bilibili was Sued to Compensate 200,000 yuan since Animation Copyright Infringement
Apple and Intel face roadblock in SoftBank antitrust patent dispute
October 2020
Nokia to enforce SEP injunction against Lenovo
Nike takes streetwear brand to court over Dunk shoes
Batman is most common franchise character, WIPO reveals
Microsoft uses copyright claims to fight ransomware
Barclays claims cybersquatters using 'Lehman Brothers' TMs
Google struggles to convince SCOTUS in Oracle dispute
PepsiCo loses 'Mountain Dew' trademark dispute in India
Yoko Ono accuses John Lennon's aide of copyright infringement
Ocado sued for infringing robot technology patents
Puma falls short in EUIPO appeal
September 2020
Warner Bros triumphs in Westworld trademark battle at EUIPO
Mathys & Squire launches innovative online advisory platform providing IP resources for startups, SMEs and entrepreneurs
Fed Circuit rejects Apple's Voip-Pal patent appeals
Toy Story 4' character infringes Evil Knievel IP: suit
Apple's diverse emojis infringe copyright, claims suit
Messi scores TM victory as CJEU kicks out EUIPO appeal
Sazerac toasts a TM victory at the English High Court
Nike triumphs over Puma in 'Footware' TM dispute
Bytedance wins ownership of infringing TikTok domain
Unwired Planet v Huawei FRAND judgment
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Hong Kong grows as a regional intellectual property market
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