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A new doping method for nanostructures and surfaces (Yissum)

The invention addresses a critical stage in the processing of semiconductor devices, offering simple, low cost alternative.

The conventional process of creating dopant layers using ion implanters, diffusion and anneal steps is replaced by single high throughput yet low cost process.

The new method yields ultra shallow dopant layer with sharp edges profile, substantially improving the efficiency of collecting solar radiation and of its conversion to electrical power.

The new doping process is based on creating a dopant-containing monolayer on an external surface (“Donor Surface”) as source for the dopant atoms, bringing the donor surface to close proximity with the semiconductor devices, and transferring the dopants from the donor layer onto the target semiconductor surface using brief Rapid Thermal Processing step.
A simple, single step, low cost process replaces the use of costly, demanding processes for forming dopant layer in semiconductor devices.

Very shallow doping layer (~5-50 nm) and steep layer boundary (~40nm), with excellent control of both doping layer width and profile.

Can be used on thin Si substrates (≤100μm), thus reducing the cost of Si raw material and shifting cells design closer to optimal efficiency thickness.

Doping stage does not require clean room environment nor high purity doping source material

Process developed in laboratory level

Demonstrated Si photovoltaic devices with excellent performances.

Seeking opportunity to license the technology / funding for development and commercialization
Technology Benefits
Si technology is the most mature alternative for large scale PV commercialization and implementation, held back mostly by high $/Watt-peak.

The invented technology may substantially reduce $/W-p by its simple yet efficient alternative to costly stages in conventional Si based PV production

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