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An Improved Pi-Cell Liquid Crystal Display高預傾角之液晶顯示

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) TV is a big potential market. However, the response time of the LCD TV is still inferior to PDP; fuzzy edge on moving objects is observed in the LCD TV. To make fast switching, wide viewing angle and optical efficient LCD, pi-cell is a possible choice.

In this invention, the response time of LCD is shortened by applying an improved alignment layer. The pi-cell is optically compensated through this special liquid crystal alignment layer that can produce a stable high pretilt angle in the cell. The optical efficiency is therefore optimized to provide an intrinsically wide viewing angle. Moreover, it does not require any bias voltage for maintaining the proper operation and is always in its desired bend deformation. Experiments show the pi-cell is very easy to operate and has a fast switching speed. LCD made with this new pi-cell has a total on-off switching time less than 2ms, with a turn-on time less than 1ms.

This invention can be used in LCD industry, especially for LCD TV and bistable displays.
Technology Benefits
1. Easier to operate
2. Increase response speed
3. Wider viewing angles
Technology Application
- LCD industry, especially for bistable displays and LCDTV
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: CN100520534C
Application Number: CN200480043861A
Inventor: Haicheng Guo | Sien Yang
Priority Date: 26 Jun 2004
Priority Number: CN100520534C
Application Date: 25 Oct 2004
Publication Date: 29 Jul 2009
IPC Current: G02F00011337
Assignee Applicant: The University of Hong Kong
Title: An improved polyimide-cell liquid crystal display | Improved polyimide unit liquid crystal display
Usefulness: An improved polyimide-cell liquid crystal display | Improved polyimide unit liquid crystal display
Summary: For e.g. television.
Novelty: Liquid crystal display device for e.g. television has liquid crystal layer sandwiched between two alignment layers and capable of maintaining stable bend state at zero bias voltage
Sub Category
Application Date
25 Feb 2007
Application No.
Chinese 200480043861.2
Patent Information
Chinese ZL200480043861.2
ID No.
Hong Kong

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