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Field Emission Display Having Elongate Emitter Structures

Field emission displays (FEDs) have been known for a number of years as an alternative to active matrix liquid crystal displays (AMLCDs). Indeed, FEDs are known to have a number of advantages. They can be made thinner and lighter while having better operating characteristics compared to an AMLCD. In particular, an FED may have higher contrast ratio, wider viewing angle and greater brightness. However, they are expensive to manufacture.

The invention provides novel double-gate race-track-shaped field emitter structures for use with FEDs. An emitter layer is sandwiched between two gate electrodes. Thus at the end of the emitter layer where electrons are emitted there is gate electrode on either side and this symmetry reduces the leakage gate current and allows the turn-on voltage to be reduced. This structure is easier to fabricate and thereby reduce the manufacture cost. The race-track-shaped edge emission and also can provide good uniformity and large field emission current density.
Technology Benefits
1. High current density
2. Low cost due to less expensive fabrication technology
3. Solves the poor uniformity problem
Technology Application
- Flat panel displays
Supplementary Information
Patent Number: US5982081A
Application Number: US1996759678A
Inventor: Sin, Johnny Kin On | Wang, Bao Ping
Priority Date: 6 Dec 1996
Priority Number: US5982081A
Application Date: 6 Dec 1996
Publication Date: 9 Nov 1999
IPC Current: H01J000302
US Class: 313309 | 313336
Assignee Applicant: The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Title: Field emission display having elongate emitter structures
Usefulness: Field emission display having elongate emitter structures
Summary: For use in array of field emission display devices.
Novelty: Field emitter structure for display device
Sub Category
Application Date
6 Dec 1996
Application No.
US 08/759678
Patent Information
US 5982081
ID No.
Hong Kong

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