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Biomarkers for Gastric and Colon Cancer

The expression or methylation of tumor suppressor genes is used as biomarkers for the diagnosis and prognosis of gastric and colon cancer, and methods for inhibiting the growth of gastric and colon cancer.

Highlights: • Tumor suppressor genes in gastric cancer (ZNF545, ADAMTS9, DACT1, RNF180, BCL6B & PAX5) Tumor suppressor gene in colon cancer (TBX5) • Transcriptional silencing is directly associated with promoter methylation • Methylation of core promoter regions was detected in gastric or colon cancer tissues, but not normal gastric or colon tissues • Methylation status of the genes is associated with tumor aggressiveness and patient survival

Application No.
480, 479, 444, 418, 362, 361, 319
Inventor(s): Prof Joseph SUNG, Prof YU Jun and Dr Xiaoxing LI \ Department of Medicine and Therapeutics Licensing Status: Available

Hong Kong

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